Welcome to the Murdoch Group

The Murdoch Group is a division of Murdoch Property Development Ltd, a family owned and run
Construction Company big enough to deliver and small enough to care. Find out more.
We view each of our clients and their projects as being unique and pride ourselves in our ability to
tailor our services to suit your specific requirements, however small or large.

  1. Architectural Services

    Offering Architectural Services is not about taking control...it is all about giving our clients complete control and peace of mind... more >>

  2. Design & Build

    Our Design and Build Service is all about the control and management of the transition from architectural drawing to build... more >>

  3. Construction

    We recognise that some clients may come to us with the Design and Planning stages of their project already completed. We are happy to provide a Construction only service... more >>

  4. Passive Fire Protection

    What is Passive Fire Safety? The integration of passive fire protection measures is all about ensuring that buildings are structurally resistant to fire... more >>


The Murdoch Group is a fully registered and accredited member of the Nationwide Association of Passive Fire Installers and Specifiers